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Registration Fee Refund Policy



Players and/or parents completing the registration process (per Section 5a of Patriot Soccer Club’s Bylaws) to play for the Patriot Soccer Club constitutes a commitment to play for the club and the team on which the player is assigned. It is generally accepted that players, and their parent(s), wishing to register to play, have an understanding of the commitment required and are willing to meet/exceed said requirements. Patriot Soccer Club establishes a registration cut-off date for the purposes of rostering players to specific teams based on the policies of Patriot Soccer Club and the timetables set forth by Soccer Maine.  


The purpose of this policy is to ensure Patriot Soccer Club’s viability to field teams without players seeking to drop from Patriot Soccer Club’s pool of players after the registration cut-off date. Often, registration data dictates the decisions required to roster players to specific teams. When a player registers to play and teams are formed, then a player seeks to drop, it creates a tremendous amount of work to re-configure teams.  


Players and/or parents seeking a refund will do so in writing along with a statement as to the reason they are seeking said refund. All requests will be forwarded to Patriot Soccer Club’s Registrar who will seek approval from the Executive Committee.  


Players and/or parents will be eligible to receive a refund in the amount of:  

  • 75% of the registration fee if the written request is submitted and approved 30 days or more prior to the date set  by Soccer Maine for team declarations.  

  • 50% of the registration fee if the written request is submitted and approved 15 days or more prior to the date set  by Soccer Maine for team declarations,  

Registration refunds will not be available after the date set by Soccer Maine for team declarations.  


Should an eligible player be dismissed from an approved team by the Patriot Soccer Club -due to roster limitations or due to the players ability- he/she will be entitled to a full refund if said decision takes place prior to the beginning of team training.  


Please refer to Patriot Soccer Club’s Bylaws and procedures concerning appeals.  

All decisions rendered by those authorized in this policy will remain in effect unless changed by an appeal decision. 

Team Sizes

When creating teams, we shoot for teams that are the following sizes.  These team sizes give each player plenty of playing time as well as enough substitutes to give everyone a breather.


 Age         Target Team Size      Format   
 U9,U10    12  7 v 7
 U11,U12 14  9 v 9
 U13,U14 18  11 v 11

League Informations

Patriot Soccer Club runs under the governing body of Soccer Maine.